Terms & Conditions

For everyone who likes simple and clear, we have written our general terms and conditions in plain language.

Terms & Conditions
Article 1.

We have tried to keep these terms and conditions as simple and clear as possible.

  • Service. Our passion
  • Quality. We stand behind that
  • Quirky. A little different from other brands.

Our identity
Article 2.

I am Rocio Arias Jaime under the name of LaGaleriaNerja

You can reach us like this:

Call: +34 951 819 100
Whatsapp: +34 661 91 16 41
Email: info@lagalerianerja.com
Address: C. Almirante. Ferrándiz, 54, 29780 Nerja, Málaga, Espana
Instagram: instagram.com/shoplagalerianerja/
Facebook: facebook.com/galerianerja
We are known to the Chamber of Commerce under number 33379962Q

Article 3.

We do our best to bring these general terms and conditions to your attention. It states what we do for you and what we expect from you. If you buy or have bought something from us, of course. Otherwise it is not so appropriate.

Sometimes we offer separate conditions with a product. These general terms and conditions also apply in that case. We don’t make it that hard.

Our offer
Article 4.

We always tell you honestly what, when and how you can buy something, what it costs and whether you can exchange it. Promised. Is there an error on our product page? Then you can hold us to that. Unless the mistake is clearly a blunder and you could have known that in advance of course.

The agreement
Article 5.

When you place an order with us, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

You buy from us in a secure web environment. We work hard for that every day.

We include all the information and data you need with your order, but you will also find most of it on our site. It is of course useful if you keep the (digital) receipt properly. Our products are handmade and may differ from the photo on our website or our social media channels or google.

If you buy products from us (lagalerianerja) and you agree to our terms and conditions, you also agree that there may be a deviation in the design or color of the product presented through our online channels

Right of withdrawal
Article 6.

Are you not happy with the product or does it simply not fit? Then you can return it within 7 days of receipt. Within 7 days of delivery you can receive your money back. We will refund the amount within 14 working days after the return shipment to the account with which the order was paid.

Obligations during reflection period
Article 7.

When you return the product, make sure you send it back in its original condition. If the product is damaged to such an extent that it is no longer in ‘store condition’, we will not accept the return of the product.

Costs in case of withdrawal
Article 8.

The shipping costs for the return are for your own account. As soon as you have returned the product, we would like to receive an email from you, you can sent the mail to: info@lagalerianerja.com with the shipment number and the day of shipment.

Obligations of Rocio Arias Jaime under the name of LaGaleriaNerja upon revocation

Obligations of Rocio Arias Jaime under the name of LaGaleriaNerja upon revocation
Article 9.

When you return an item within 15 days of receipt, we will: When we have checked your return, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

If you choose to get something refunded, we will refund the amount within 14 working days after the return shipment to the account with which the order was paid.

Exclusion right of withdrawal
Article 10.
You understand that you cannot return the following items:

Vouchers and vouchers, even when redeemed. Sale items (if applicable) Only regular priced items can be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded.

Shoes may be tried on, but on a clean and smooth surface indoors. Damaged, not clean or otherwise searchable worn shoes will not be reimbursed by us and will be returned to you. 

The price
Article 11.

See Article 4.
All prices quoted include VAT.

When there is a promotion where no shipping costs are charged for a certain amount and you return this order partially, so that the amount falls below the amount for which the promotion was communicated, we are forced to calculate shipping costs of € 9,90

Conformity and Warranty
Article 12.
See Article 4.

You are of course entitled to a good product! If there is something wrong with it, we will solve it for you. We always follow the law.

Delivery and execution
Article 13.
We always do our very best to serve you well. That’s our passion.

If you order something from us on working days before 10 p.m., you will receive it the next 3-5 days. Unless we have agreed something else with you such as a pre-order. This is displayed with the product.

If the delivery of the product takes longer, or if we cannot deliver everything on time, you will be informed as soon as possible. At that time you can cancel your purchase. If you have already paid in advance, you will receive your payment as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 working days. There is no compensation for a delayed delivery.

If we can no longer deliver an ordered product, you will of course receive your money back, or we will offer you a good alternative. You can always exchange such a replacement item.

If a product is damaged or lost before it arrives to you or a recipient designated by you, that is our responsibility.

Article 14.
We ask you to pay an amount in advance, we will arrange your order immediately after receipt.
Is something wrong in the payment details? Let us know.

Complaints procedure
Article 15.
Do you have a complaint? Annoying. Of course we have a customer-friendly procedure for this.

If you have a complaint, please let us know as soon as possible. Describe your problem as clearly as possible, so that we can help you properly.

You will receive an answer from us within 5 working days at the latest. We will help you immediately, or you will hear how much time we need to put it right.

Article 16.
Are we really not working out? Then you can decide to submit the case to the Disputes Committee within twelve months. If you choose to do so, we are sincerely sorry. But we respect your choice!

Additional or different provisions
Article 17.
These were our terms and conditions. Pretty clear, right? If we are going to make changes to these terms and conditions in the future, you will find this on our website. We make sure that changes are not detrimental to you!